• We ask all SCCA members to CPR all fish 20 lbs and above. We encourage you to see the Tip and Tackle page for more information on conservation.

SoCal Catfish Association

Welcome to SoCalCatfish.com (SCCA), a premiere, family-oriented fishing club devoted to the sport of catfishing, as well as, its imperative conservaiton.

We are, quite simply, a commonwealth of anglers furnishing information and resources for those individuals who are enthusiastic about the recreation of fresh-water fishing.

Whether you are the novice who is just getting started, the avid trailblazer chasing that trophy fish every spare moment, or merely the parents seeking quality opportunities to spend time with your children, SCCA offers an arena for you.

Through gatherings, kid-friendly contests, family camp-outs, and pro-style tournaments, SoCalCatfish.com anxiously looks forward to networking, but most importantly, fellowshipping with you and yours!

So please stop by...the membership is free...but the memories will be priceless!

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